A Glimpse into Mornelle’s Children’s Class

Every Monday evening a group of children in the Mornelle neighbourhood rush through their dinners and eagerly prepare to walk the halls of their apartment building or across the street to their weekly children’s class. In August of 2008, Crystal and Sameen and a few friends living in the neighbourhood started the class. It took till November to get it going regularly. Friendships with a few families in their building led to other families in the neighbourhood joining the class.Now they have 15 children in their class, ten of whom attend regularly. Crystal and Sameen have been trying to develop the habit of visiting the children’s families to deepen the bonds of friendship, to consult about the aspirations of their children and how best to motivate them to advance both intellectually and spiritually. Occasional gatherings such as picnics, evenings to share in meaningful discussions and devotional gatherings brings families, children and others members of the community together, gives them a space to enjoy each other's company and consult about how to strengthen the pattern of community life.In the neighbourhood there are also two junior youth groups and a group of youth and university students who have been training to both support and initiate similar activities.

Core Activity: