Study Circles

A decentralized and participatory approach to learning where groups of friends and neighbours engage in study of the Baha’i writings and develop their capacity to serve their community. Study circles are facilitated by a trained tutor who also accompanies the participants in their learning.

Community Building in the Suburbs Part 2: Impact on Families

Participants of study circles in the neighbourhood speak about the impact of the core activities on their families.

Community Building in the Suburbs

Celeste and Joe longed to serve their community. They decided to offer a class for the spiritual education of children at their local library.

Newcomers to Canada Learn to Better Their Lives and Serve Others

Jennifer and Dan are newcomers to Canada from Korea. Last year they joined a study circle that changed a lot of things in their lives.

Study Circle Results

Hongyu talks about his experience in joining a study circle in the St. Jamestown neighbourhood.

Shimmy's Learning

Shimmy shares her experience of participating in a 'study circle' where she learned the value of service.

Martin Gets to Know His Neighbours

A graduate student from Saskatchewan speaks about how an invitation to a study circle led him to contribute to building a community

France and Friends

France speaks about how a study circle raised up resources for a neighbourhood children's class, junior youth group and devotional gathering.

Thomas' Reflections

Having been in Canada for a short time, Thomas found a new way to integrate into Canadian society.

Taking Action

Two friends offered newcomers to Canada a series of job readiness workshops.

A New Home in St. Jamestown

Cheyne talks about moving into the St. Jamestown neighbourhood in Toronto and how a series of activities were started there.

Sinoja's Story

Sinoja tells the story of her involvement with a study circle and how it inspired her to work with junior youth in St. Jamestown.


Dan Scott talks about how neighbourhoods and communities are becoming elevated and transformed through participation in a set of activities.