The Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program

Often also referred as the junior youth empowerment program or simply junior youth groups. This educational program typically engages older youth as animators of younger peers aged 11 to 15 to help them develop their powers of expression, capacities for moral reasoning, and an ethic of service to others. The program combines study, mentorship and social action.

Diane's Community in East Van

Diane speaks about the challenges living in the Vancouver downtown Eastside, her experience with the junior youth program and her hopes for the spiritual progress of her c

Rosa's Experience

Rosa shares her experience of joining the junior youth group in East Vancouver and how it helped her develop her own capacities and serve others in her neighbourhood.

Study with the Junior Youth

The junior youth of Mornelle explore the relationship between man and nature, man's love for reality, and the power of intellectual investigation through the study of "Spi

Mornelle: A Mini Service Project

Junior youth help to teach children a song about the importance of befriending and loving people of diverse backgrounds.

Talking with Abitha

Abitha talks about her experience working with youth and how small actions can have a big influence on a community.

Surya's Story

Surya shares the story of how she joined the junior youth group in her neighbourhood and began to learn to express herself with greater clarity.

Esther's Story

Esther is thirteen. She tells about the group she belongs to and its impact on her and her community.

Hoda's Experience

Hoda talks about how neighbours in a Toronto apartment complex, have been inspired by their children's junior youth group.

Anurag's Insights

Anurag talks about how joining his neighbourhood junior youth group has helped him to grow.

Empowering Junior Youth in East Vancouver Neighbourhood

Jelana tells the story of how a junior youth group started in her neighborhood.

Keyanna's Story

Keyanna speaks about the neighbourhood junior youth group she is in.

A New Home in St. Jamestown

Cheyne talks about moving into the St. Jamestown neighbourhood in Toronto and how a series of activities were started there.

Sinoja's Story

Sinoja tells the story of her involvement with a study circle and how it inspired her to work with junior youth in St. Jamestown.

Revisiting Jelana: New family and new community

New Developments in Simon and Jelena's Community.


Dan Scott talks about how neighbourhoods and communities are becoming elevated and transformed through participation in a set of activities.

Katia and Benjamin

The story of how their decision to start a junior youth group for their older children has impacted them and their friends.

Youth Learn Together

Delphine who lives in the city of Québec, describes the junior youth group that she belongs to.